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Colombian jewelry.

the brand.


Passionate about the country's smells, colors and music, we decided to bring a bit of that sparkle to Portugal. 

The project is born from a curatorship process, where we select the best pieces, keeping in mind the original design and the quality of the materials. Pieces that, due to their mix, beauty and detail, find their home in Mestiça.


All our pieces are designed by a family of jewelers, with great experience and tradition in the field, originally from the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

The pieces are produced in the same space, in a small workshop where 20 women work. All pieces are made individually, by hand.

natural stones

Due to its Colombian origin, the emerald is the most used gemstone in our jewelry.

The stones are cut manually, resulting in unique stones, with different shapes, colors and brightness. Each stone is then manually selected and applied to the pieces.Most of the gems are raw emerald, which means they are in their natural state, as provided by nature.

The crafted emeralds go through a process where they are carved, resulting in a stone with greater brightness and, usually, a darker hue. This is a laborious process carried out by artisans, which adds even more value to the piece.

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