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the painter


' At the end of March, on one of the most boring days of confinement, I received a call from my grandmother Lena telling me that she had an idea to help distract me. He offered me a large black briefcase, with all his painting supplies, full of pallets of dry pastels. I started painting and at a certain point, I looked at the floor of my house, where I had placed the paintings and I thought they were all of women, with dark skin, big earrings. Exotic women, mestizo women. Later, my grandfather Carlos suggested that he do the wrapping for the paintings. He came for an interview and was hired, moving to a direct effective contract.​ Since I was a little girl, I always liked to paint with my grandmother, she pushed me a lot in that direction. I never had training in this area, but I like to think that I ended up inheriting a family style, which also came from the other side, that of the father, because of grandfather Francisco. Catalan of gem with an unbelievable knack for drawing. '

- Maria Casas

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